Experience and "contamination"


Franco Marasco's experience in the kitchen began in 1982 as a kitchen boy. After his first few seasons onLake Maggiore he was still unaware of his own future, so in 1989 he decided to leave Italy and make a start. He mainly worked abroad including Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Cyprus, Israel, Morocco and these experiences made him the appreciated chef he has become today.

Among his various work experiences which played a particular contribution to his professional training were:

- 'Lo Spago' Restaurant owned by Walter Sacchetti, 1-star Michelin in Schawabing with Giancarlo Pezzei in Munich, Bavaria;

- 'L'Aubergine' in Monaco, Bavaria, 3-star Michelin with Eckart Witzigmann;

- da 'Giannino' & 'A Riccione' Restaurant in Milan;

- 'A Riccione' Restaurant in Kamakura in Japan.


Experience and contamination are the key words to understand the philosophy Franco Marasco's dishes. That's why on his own menu, you won't find “zero kilometer” products but rather selected raw materials.

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